VR News: Exciting news on the haptic front!
by Rasmus Wærling Riiser,
Social Media, Cadpeople 

It’s only been two months since we wrote about haptic feedback technology. Now, there’s exciting news on the haptic front.


Plexus unveils affordable haptic gloves
Haptic gloves haven’t taken the world by storm yet, and the technology is still in its early days. But we may get a solid product at a reasonable price soon, which would be a big step in the right direction. Plexus has unveiled a pair of VR gloves that can track each individual finger joint, has haptic feedback in each finger, and is compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Microsoft MR devices. You can already order your pair now for 249 USD, and Plexus reportedly plan on starting shipping next month. See a promo video here.


Valve’s mystical Knuckles wake up from their slumber
Since Valve first told us about their Knuckles back in 2016, there has been very quiet on that front. However, now we’ve gotten some new information about the formerly mystical controllers. Valve has unveiled their newest Knuckles-prototype called EV2 – see the pictures in the gallery to the left.


Haptic gloves let blind people “see” art for the first time
…and now for the feel-good story of this installment. An art exhibit at the National Gallery in Prague called Touching Masterpieces uses haptic feedback technology to let blind people experience art in a new way. See a video here.