VR News – ARKit 2.0, the World Cup in VR, and more!
by Rasmus Wærling Riiser,
Social Media, Cadpeople

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Here’s the most important stories from the last few weeks of the world of VR and AR:

BBC lets you watch the World Cup in VR
With the World Cup just around the corner, BBC has announced that it will bring live VR coverage of its 33 licensed matches through a new app called BBC Sport VR – FIFA World Cup Russia 2018. The coverage will be free but probably accessible only from the United Kingdom – however, it is an interesting example of what live VR sports coverage can look like. Here, users will watch the games from a hospitality box-like environment and can then choose from different camera angles and live stats views.

This will be available for millions of viewers for free – but we are still not there yet in terms of a VR stream of a sports event that makes you feel just as if you were there yourself. See a picture of the VR environment to the left.

Apple unveils ARKit 2.0 with multiplayer support
At the WWDC conference last week, Apple unveiled a new version of ARKit, the AR toolkit for developers for iOS devices. ARKit 2.0 includes a built-in support for multiplayer experiences – you can watch a demo of a multiplayer slingshot game here.

We often talk about AR as having enormous potential because of the social dimension that can be built into the experiences – and this is a clear example of that. Apple has spotted that AR holds the potential for highly interactive group experiences, and it will be exciting to see what the community of developers comes up with in the future.

Coop uses VR to train new employees
Danish supermarket chain Coop has developed a VR app to train new employees. The concept is being tested in 10 stores, but Coop plans to roll out the concept nation-wide later this year. The concept of the app is to educate and motivate new employees through a VR game that takes place in a virtual supermarket – and the objective is to earn points by giving the virtual customers a good shopping experience.