by Rasmus Wærling Riiser
Social Media, Cadpeople

One of us lives a double life – project manager at Cadpeople by day, and KFUM scout by night. He is the Clark Kent of our Aarhus office – a real life “spejderman”.

Jokes aside, one of our new project managers, Steven, has been a KFUM scout for 30 years, which in itself is cool. And this Wednesday, he goes home on an early weekend to prepare to host 500 of his fellow scouts at KFUM’s Landstræf 2017 at Gram Castle.

Steven helped organise the Landstræf back in 2015, and this year, he is the head of the planning group – and as a project manager, that fits him well, he says with a smile.

To prepare for this year’s Landstræf, Steven has shown his comedic ability in several videos for the Landstræf Facebook page. Check them out here!

We look forward to hearing about the weekend on Monday!