What was your role in Tour de France?
Working as a journalist for TV 2 Sport it was my job to cover Tour de France. My job was to be as close to the riders as possible. I was the last guy they spoke to before a stage and the first guy they met as soon as they crossed the finish line.

I was the one to ask all the important questions about the relevant stages and themes.

So, I’ve followed the race very closely for many years.

How long were you a part of it?
Since 2007. I covered my first cycling race in 2007, which was Paris-Roubaix. I’ve never cycled myself, but I’ve always followed it and it has been a hobby of mine – but never as a die-hard fan.

I remember the summer of ’96 where Bjarne Riis won the Tour. I was working in a fish shop in Skagen and as he was about to cross the finish line, I made the whole shop be quiet just so I could hear his victory on the radio. So yeah, I’ve always followed it.

What do you miss the most? / Do you miss it?
Of course, I miss it! As a journalist, I like to be right where things are happening. It’s the biggest event of the summer and the greatest cycling race in the world. Of course I miss being a part of that. Not saying that I regret my decision, in any way. This year I have the chance to actually follow the Tour on TV, I’ve never been able to do that before. But when you’ve been SO close to it and for so long as I have, the first year away from everything is bound to be a bit rough.

How does it feel to follow the Tour from home this year?
It works surprisingly well. I’ve found out that it’s actually a lot of fun to watch it from home. I’ve also come to find, that I like my own bed. Before I could easily have 100 days away from home a year, so being able to see my kids and being a part of everyday life is nice. It gives me something else that I didn’t have before.

I also believe that humans have a tendency to only remember the good things and tend to forget the bad stuff. Right now, I only reminisce about the good times and not about the times I stood on a cold rainy mountaintop waiting for a rider – but those things also happened.

As a consolation, I’ve bought myself a small gift – a Tour de Beer box. That way I make sure to enjoy the stages in a way I definitely couldn’t before.


Photo credit: Nicholas Sterling