Digital learning
We want anyone interested to try our robots – but how is that possible?
The solution
Explore and learn through interactive digital learning courses
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At the training courses for robotic technology conducted by Universal Robots, participants show up with very different skill levels, which complicates the training process. Universal Robots wanted a digital learning course that could secure a common skill level for course participants. At the same time, they wanted to use this tool to attract new customers and spread the word about their advanced robotics. Digital learning and marketing unified in one solution. 

We created an interactive digital learning solution, Universal Robots Academy, which participants need to pass in order to participate in the real-life courses. This ensures a common skill level for participants and makes it easier for Universal Robots to provide a great experience.  The Academy can also be used to demonstrate the robotic technology to potential customers.

The modules are built on interactive simulations - which is the nearest we come to reality without having a physical robot in front of us

Allan Dalgaard
Learning Consultant, Cadpeople
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