Sten-0 Starter

Digital learning
How to help children and young people understand and feel confident about their newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes
The solution
Develop a universe of digital learning including an app to go anywhere

Type 1 diabetes: A whole new world

Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, changes your life instantly. Many and ​​completely new rules, treatments and challenges arise - things that are not easy to cope with. Especially if you are a child.

We have helped Steno Diabetes Center Nordjylland digitalise, gamify and compact all this new knowledge in order to make it easier for children to understand, learn and cope with their new disease.

Playful avatars guide you through relevant topics

Sten-O is the name of the app avatar that helps children and young people understand their newly diagnosed diabetes in a methodical and playful way.

Through eye level communication, interactive exercises, illustrations and videos, Sten-O and digital editions of a diabetes nurse, a trainer, a dietician and a social worker guide the kids through topics such as food, insulin treatment, sports, alcohol and teenage life. Topics that they usually meet on print sheets and slideshows at the hospital.

Re-visit and practise - and feel confident

We are so excited to help children, young people, and parents understand how to live with diabetes by providing them with a learning universe, that’s is firstly introduced and taught at the hospital. After that, they can re-visit the diabetes material and practice repeatedly at home until they feel confident and sure how to handle every aspect of having type 1 diabetes.

You can download Sten-O Starter in AppStore and PlayStore.